Nightlife in the city of London

The two words that can best describe London’s nightlife have to be vibrant and diverse. It is vibrant because you will not miss something interesting to do on any London night. It is diverse because it caters for different lifestyles – there is something for everyone in the City of London nightlife. Do not be fooled by the conserved and serious nature of Londoners by day. As much as they are hard workers during the day when the night falls they party equally hard. Welcome to the nightlife in the City of London.


London is home to world renowned clubs. These clubs put the fun in nightclubbing with amazing mixes of music, talented DJs, variety of food and a host of revelers from all corners of the world. Some of the most popular London nightclubs include: Fabric, The Loft, Ministry of Sound, Cable and Plastic People. You will part with a few pounds to gain entry into these and other clubs but that entry is a worthy investment. Of course you have to be over 18 – these are not places for children. Just remember to bring you A game because these clubs host serious parties.

English pubs

If the nightclubs are too rowdy for you do not worry; you can still catch some fun in numerous English pubs spread across the city. These pubs feature piped music which means you can hold conversations with your companion or other patrons. During football nights you can catch a game on the giant screens while you sip away on your drink. The occasional commentaries from other patrons make for nice conversations. Just remember that Londoners are passionate about football, after all it is the home to top English football clubs.

Restaurants and Cafes

For a date night you are better off at the several high class restaurants. Some light music, different cuisines and the ambiance is set for a romantic night. London restaurants and cafes have some of the best cuisines in the world. Whether you feel like Chinese or prefer Italian you will find it in the restaurants. What remains is for you to woo your date with those romantic lines you have been rehearsing while you sip on classy wine.


If you are a movie buff then London cinemas would not let you down. Equipped with 3D screens and the latest in sound technology you will watch movies like you have never before. Just make sure you have enough change to grab popcorns and drinks because the movie experience you are in for will keep you glued to the seat. Showing on these cinemas will be the latest, newly released, movies that are only available in select theaters in the world. If you are lucky you might catch a movie premier – it is always a good thing to be the first among your friends to watch the latest movie.


So you want to go classical – watch an opera, a musical or a ballet. London has world class theaters that host operas, to musical to ballet. For that classical night London got you covered.

The City of London nightlife has so much to offer no matter you lifestyle or preference.

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Escorts in Monument

The Monument area of the city of London can be found just north of London Bridge, with Tower Hill to the west and Cannon street to the east.

The actual Monument is a stone Roman column found at the junction of Monument street and Fish street Hill. It was built around 1670 to acknowledge the rebuilding of the city of London after the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire started on 2nd September 1666 and ended 3 days later. Sir Christopher Wren and Dr Robert Hooke designed the column. It is possible to climb up to the very top of the column via a staircase of over 300 steps.

Escorts in Monument

The area is served by a number of tube stations. Bank and Monument tube stations are the main ones. Monument serves District and Circle lines of the London underground. Bank serves the Docklands Light Railway line as well as the London underground lines of Central, Northern and Waterloo and City.

The area is made up of offices and businesses. These mainly serve the finance and banking sectors of London.

It might be hard to find escorts in the Monument area of the city of London. Not many female escorts are known to operate in this area. Though it would be a good place to work from as it is very easy to get to from other parts of the city of London.


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Escorts in Blackfriars

In the south west area of the city of London you will find Blackfriars. Just like the rest of the city, Blackfriars is a busy area, especially during the week. There are lots of office blocks in this area. The main business are finance related. Banking, accountancy, insurance among them. There are also lots of pubs and restaurants in the area. The Black Friar pub in Blackfriars is among the more famous. It is a traditional public house in a Art Nouveau Grade II building.

Blackfriars station serves both national railway and the London underground. It is a gateway for trains towards Kent. Getting to the area by tube is also straightforward. District and circle lines serve the underground station at Blackfriars.

Escorts in Blackfriars

It maybe difficult finding escorts in the Blackfriars area. Agencies may sometimes have some who serve the area, but independent ladies maybe a better bet.

The area should be an ideal location for escorts who want to serve the offices and business here.

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Escorts in Chancery Lane

Chancery Lane is a the western boundary of the city of London. It is a one-way street between High Holborn and The Strand.

Chancery Lane tube station is found at the junction of Holborn and Grays Inn Road.

This area of London is know for the offices of Britain’s legal system. Lincoln’s Inn is found in this area. The Law society which is an organisation that represents the solicitors profession is also found in this part of London. Its main building is at 113 Chancery Lane.

Businesses associated with the legal profession are also found. Such as tailors for the formal clothing needed by barristers when they practice in the courts.

Escorts in Chancery Lane

In term of escorts in Chancery Lane, it is not easy to find them. Rental prices of apartments in this part of London are high. Agencies may occasionally have escorts in this area. Sometimes working from hotels around the area.

Independent ladies might be a better bet. If you do your research you should find some contacts. Chancery Lane is easy to get to from most parts of London. Public transport is extensive and black cabs will know the area well as it is so central.

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Escorts in Barbican

The Barbican is a part of the city of London. It is made up of an estate of residential tower blocks as well as the Barbican Centre, which is a performing arts centre.

Barbican tube station provides easy access to the estate and the surrounding areas. The Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan underground lines serve this tube station.

A number of escort ladies can be found in this area. Some maybe independent while others will be working for escort agencies.

Escorts in Barbican

This area is easy to get to from most of the office blocks in the city of London. Though once there, it is easy to get lost in the Barbican estate itself. Getting proper directions is definitely recommended.

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Escorts in Farringdon

Farringdon is an area in the city of London. It stretches north towards Islington.

Farringdon tube station is the main underground link. Buses are tubes are readily available to take you in and out of Farringdon.

Escorts in Farringdon

This area is made of offices and some apartments. Some of the largest banks in the world have their offices here. There are plenty of pubs, bars ad restaurants in this area. Farbic nightclub on Charterhouse street is a very popular haunt for the young.

Escorts in Farringdon are hard to find. You may have to try other areas of London for a larger selection.

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