London escorts in the city

Visiting London is a must for any traveler as it is one of the oldest and most diverse cities. Steeped with history at every turn, London is visually breath taking and its inhabitants are some of the most welcoming and friendly people in all of the United Kingdom.

London itself is the main city and capital of the United Kingdom, however when you hear “City of London” (aka The City) this actually refers to a certain part of London called the Square Mile. London was inhabited thousands of years ago by the Romans who built up a wall around the entire city. This wall enclosed a space of around one square mile and which is where the city got its nickname from.

Over the years, London has far expanded past the limits of the initial walls, and the walls themselves were torn down; however the nickname remained and The City still plays a vital role in London. While The City is technically part of London, it also remains distinctly separate in many ways which is why it is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world!

The City: Tourism:

The City plays a major part in the financial prowess of London because it is a very desirable place for tourists to visit. Not only does The City have stunning architecture and is populated by many incredibly historical buildings, but it has many cathedrals, bridges, museums, galleries, and monuments that attract significant attention from tourists around the world.

Things Every Tourist Must See in The City:

When visiting London and seeing The City, there are enough activities to keep any person busy for a good long while because at almost every turn and every stop there is something prominent and of historical importance. If, however, you are looking to visit The City and see only a few of the landmarks and attractions, consider visiting these below among your stops:

– The Monument – this is a stunning monument that is dedicated towards remembering the Great Fire of London.

– Saint Paul’s Cathedral – a beautiful domed cathedral completed in 1710.

– Guildhall Art Gallery – filled with many historical pieces of great prominence.

– Museum of London – a must see dedicated to the history of London and completely free to visit.

– Tower of London – a massive and incredibly famous fortress that was constructed back around 1066.

– Old Bailey – quite possibly the most famous criminal court in the world.

The City: Business and Finance:

Aside from the impressive number of tourists visiting The City each day and bringing in tons of revenue, The City also plays an important part of London and its economy because of the multitude of businesses and financial institutions located there. Additionally, the London Stock Exchange was in The City and located in the Stock Exchange Tower – which it is still known as to this day despite the London Stock Exchange’s relocation to Paternoster Square a few years back.

The financial sector of The City is populated by a number of immense skyscrapers, tallest of which is the Heron Tower – used mainly for offices and located on Bishopsgate. Seen high above many of the other buildings on The City’s skyline along with the Heron Tower is Tower 42, the Willis Building, Cromwell Tower, the Shakespeare Tower, the Aviva Tower, and many more. Many of the skyscrapers and large financial buildings are located on the eastern side of The City, principally around Bishopsgate. There are a few other towers located on the north side which comprise the Baarbican Estate – a residential area built up after bombings in London during WWII.

In The City, the financial sector dominates. It houses the headquarters of many major companies that have a large global presence as well as the London Stock Exchange. Expect to see companies such as:

· Prudential.

· Unilever.

· Standard Chartered.

· Old Mutual.

· Lloyds Banking group.

· Aviva.

And many more located in The City within the many tall towers and expansive buildings that provide the essential office space these corporations need. Additionally, look towards Paternoster Square next to Saint Paul’s Cathedral for other prominent financial institutions such as the London Stock Exchange.

Escort Agencies In The City:

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Getting Around The City:

Many people in London and The City do not own a car for various reasons making the main methods of transportation: walking, biking, taxi service, train, and tube. There are too many people living within The City so many avoid spending excessive amounts of time waiting in a car and look towards public transportation and alternative methods. Additionally, since many of the residential areas in The City are within close proximity (one mile) to head offices and businesses, most residents prefer to walk.

Tubes – there are “tubes” built underground to allow for people to quickly get to various key points within The City and London. Cost effective and quick, many people choose to take trains to get in and out of The City while walking once they are within The City itself.

Walking – everything within The City is quite compact, and the residential areas are very close to large financial institutions, offices, and other places of work. Since everything within the city is within a mile of anything else, many people find that walking is the preferred method to get anywhere.

Taxi – the taxi’s in London and The City are something every tourist must go in just once. They are very old fashioned and are the best way to enjoy going to and from a night out on the town! Expect to pay quite a bit taking a taxi in London though, as the fares can add up quite fast due to wait times and excessive traffic.

Overall, the city of London is a fabulous place to visit and is home to some of the most prominent attractions, historical buildings, and financial institutions in all of the United Kingdom. As the oldest part of London, The City is steeped in history and plays a crucial role in Britain’s economy. Within that single mile that comprises The City there are numerous headquarters of major corporations, the London Stock Exchange, and some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. When visiting London, make sure to see The City and enjoy all the wonders and historical attractions it has to offer!